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18Loop is happy to announce that Phase II of our Joint Experimental Intervention Research Study (JEIRS) with the American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO) has been funded by Servier Pharmaceuticals. Servier is a partner of the ACCO and is helping the 18Loop team to support ACCO kids in the fight against pediatric cancer. It has been a pleasure working with Wendy Poage, Servier's Head of Patient Advocacy and Engagement and Tara Brown, Patient Engagement. We are currently awaiting the Servier funds, which when received will allow us to purchase technology for our research. Our wider reach will contribute to a better assessment of our impact. In the teen target group for JEIRS, we feel confident that the VR is being well received and tolerated. Therefore, we are looking not to only prove the efficacy of the intervention, but to prove it to be superior to other alternatives. 18Loop has been effective for mood enhancement, communication and entertainment, and has even made an impact on pain. So far, we are doing well, and with Servier's support, we can carry out further testing and move toward our goal of wider distribution.

April is an exciting time for 18Loop! Please stay tuned for more announcements about partnerships to reach our target teen cancer demographic and recognition for our Virtual Reality approach.

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