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18Loop is currently in the proposal phase for technology expansion. We are engaged in a Joint Experimental Intervention Research Study (JEIRS) focused on improving tolerance of treatment and recovery in young adults affiliated with the American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO), our partner in VR deployment. We are gathering qualitative metrics from over 40 teenage cancer JEIRS participants, all of whom are using virtual reality to help them through treatment. Our initial results are very promising, showing a strong overall benefit both during the inpatient and outpatient phase of recovery. See our early results here:

18Loop/ACCO JEIRS Early Results

18Loop has also discovered that our VR technology solution benefits the overall family unit, with some siblings and parents utilizing the technology to balance their moods and fight stress. On a broader scale, deploying Tripp as a family intervention is attractive to our medical partners and has been encouraged by palliative care leaders at the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles and the Children's Hospital at Montefiore. 18Loop will launch new research initiatives to validate our approach later in 2022. After testing, we expect to begin to distribute Meta Quest 2 headsets to all newly diagnosed ACCO teens in 2022. We thank Tripp for supporting our research through the donation of headsets and software. Tripp is a leader in Virtual Stress Management and offers capabilities that bridge gaming and medicine.

18Loop will publish research with our partners later in 2022. Please click below to read a foundational VR/cancer study that has informed our current approach.

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