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18Loop VR for Kids with Cancer

"VR for Teens with Cancer"

18Loop VR for Kids with Cancer

ABOUT 18Loop

18Loop's mission is to advocate for the benefits of Virtual Reality (VR) in pediatric cancer recovery, to deploy VR to every young adult with cancer, and to help our teens create, learn and grow in the metaverse. We are not a medical solution, but our technology will drive our progress toward strengthening the fight against adolescent cancer. Please join us in supporting our underserved community.

18Loop VR for Kids with Cancer


18Loop and the American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO) have launched a Joint Experimental Intervention Research Study (JEIRS). With the ACCO, 18Loop is proving the efficacy of Virtual Reality (VR) for mood enhancement for cancer kids and families. 85% of our teens report better mood after VR immersion. Servier Pharmaceuticals is the main funder of the JEIRS study.


18Loop is deploying Tripp virtual environments for JEIRS.


The next phase in 18Loop's mission is to increase and diversify the learning experiences available to them on the Meta Quest 2 hardware that we deploy. Adolescent cancer patients have an interrupted learning process that can be augmented with VR to expand their knowledge and purposefully pass time while undergoing treatment.

18Loop VR for Kids with Cancer
18Loop VR for Kids with Cancer

"...Virtual Reality offers an answer to educational and mood issues that only immersion can deliver. 18Loop will deploy VR to young adults with cancer that will provide them with a respite from treatment and help them to recover and thrive. The technology is getting better and we must leverage it now for our teens and their families."




Please fill out our contact form. We are interested in your feedback and we’d like to keep you up to date on the progress of our mission. We are interested in inquiries from medical personnel and those with technology expertise in the area of Virtual Reality. For parents involved in 18Loop programs, head to Parent/Tech.

70 Orient Way, #6, Rutherford, NJ 07070

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